Chocolate Curls

Being a baker by nature, my personal take on decorations,  is that they should look organic and ‘pop in the mouth’ delicious!

What shouts ‘eat me’ more than chocolate curls?

This morning has been an exercise in trying to perfect the chocolate curl.  My first wedding cake order in October is, at least in my mind, a visual explosion of chocolate curls.

Curls to top a cake are forgiving by nature,  allowing for varying lengths, thicknesses and they are, in fact, more visually appealing because of their differing shapes.  Then why am I spending hours in the kitchen with my biggest knife and a blob of white chocolate?


I was just reminded the other day that consistency is the key to success.  Well, for this upcoming cake and the simple decoration that it requires, that saying couldn’t be more true!

So, I guess it is time to get back to the intricacies of chocolate work, and the excitement of working towards putting up a cake worthy of the happy couple!

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