A bit about bliss!

It might have made sense for this to have been my first post. Hmm what makes sense and what get’s done, well really, where’s the connection?  A little bit about what I want to do, what I want to say and why you might want to read it, seems like a great idea for a second post, don’t you think?!

‘Tryst’ Kahlua laced, muddy, chocolate cake

The essence of all I want to do is encompassed in the word ‘Bliss’.  This is the word that I chose for how I feel a chocolate cake should make you feel when you wrap your mouth around that first forkful.  My indulgent cakes are made from all fresh ingredients, made with lots of love, and must taste as good as they look!

Being a baker at heart, my mission is to bring it all back to the cake.  I hope to be able to bring my love of cake, in all it’s glorious forms, back on the menu of grown ups in Melbourne.  Kid’s have hogged the glory of cake for too long, in my view!  As much as I love seeing the faces of little children light up at bright colours, the recognition of cute characters and most of all the understanding that all that sugar is for them,  I think it is time that grown ups should be able to be able to enjoy cake without the excuse of   ‘special occassions’.  After all isn’t that what being grown up is all about, not having to ask permission?

So, if kid’s cakes are all about fun, colour and sugary excitement, what constitues a ‘Bliss’ cake?

Indulgence.  Pure and simple.

What is your definition of indulgence?  Mine is definitely, to spoil myself rotten with things that don’t normally find their way into my everyday life.  Lots of grown up, ‘things that make you go mmmmmm’.  Chocolate, liqueur, sugar, cream, love, romance…okay, maybe all of those things can’t make their way into a cake but their essence certainly will!

Some reviews, some recipes, some travel stories and just sharing a little of of my days in the kitchen developing my skills and introducing new menu items, are what this blog is going to be about.

Cakes that make their way onto the  ‘Bliss’ blog and menu are always going to go through a strict, ‘does it make me go mmmmmmmm’, criteria test!  I promise all Melbourne cake lover’s to hold my standards high, and my wooden spoon higher…ever ready to bake and share the next great cake!

So, after many years of deflecting family and friends suggestions that I should set up a business baking lovely, yummy cakes and biscuits, inspiration has finally struck home.

I hope that you will enjoy my love of  ‘playing’ in the kitchen as much as I do and follow me through my labour of love, in building ‘Bliss Chocolate Cakes’ :)

‘Celebrate’ 4 layer Dutch cocoa fudge cake, frosted with white chocolate Italian meringue buttercream, edged with chopped dark chocolate

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