Chocolate Cake and Home Grown Produce?

Wow, what a crazy Christmas!  After only 4 months of baking as a business concern, Christmas was upon me.  The sheer hard work of putting up all those orders for customers from far and wide really tested my abilities and my ongoing passion for baking.  So, after the dust of baking, dressing, packing,  delivering, and cleaning up had settled; after many glasses of wine and much roast meat had been consumed, what have I brought into the new year with me?  What have I learned and loved about the last 4 and a half months?

There was one thing that I loved, above all else, that will never leave me, and I want to share it with you.

Stepping out into the cool evening air,  just as darkness was settling, I would kneel in the grass with my head bowed.  Reaching out just a little way to reach the newest, youngest tips, quickly pinching off sprigs of fresh rosemary from my tiny little seedling that had been planted only a few months before, the air around me would fill with the fragrance of heady, distinctive, aromatic oils. Breathing in deeply, I just felt so…complete!  A small plant, that I had nurtured, was giving me the finishing touch to a cake whose recipe I had created, and which I had made from scratch, with care and commitment, it was like coming full circle.   But, before I could get up to go back inside,  I’d bring my handful of rosemary up to my face so I could inhale deeply, and enjoy my little slice of paradise for just a bit longer.  The joy of picking and using fresh, home grown produce will absolutely be, the most lasting impression, of my first ‘Bliss-ful’ Christmas.

‘White Christmas’ Spiced white chocolate pound cake, with dried cranberries and, lemon and cinnamon icing

Rosemary wasn’t the only home grown item on the chocolate cake menu for Christmas!  Bags and bags of fresh lemons from my friend, Jasmine’s huge old lemon tree made their way into the ‘White Christmas’ spiced white chocolate pound cake I did this year.  The lovely scent of lemon oil cut its way through the aroma of baking chocolate cakes, as I zested and juiced for weeks on end.  The beautiful tang that cut its way through the cinnamon, clove, white chocolate and cranberries was all organic, all home grown and all hand picked.  It was so lovely of her to share the abundance of her garden with me, and I am so grateful.  When I say my cakes are made with love, you can see, I really mean it!

So, where to from here?

Chocolate on chocolate will always be on the menu, after all, what is a chocolate cake, if not for the chocolate lover?

However,  I have found another way to express my creativity and passion for cake, a way to bring in more love and care, a way to bring in the fruits of a whole other labour, I am loving the idea of using home grown produce.   I am going to try and incorporate something from my garden, or at the very least an organic farmers’ market, into each of my seasonal cake offerings.  It is a very exciting prospect and I am hoping that it will give some of my chocolate cakes a whole new dimension!

Just so proud of my little cumquat tree that’s now in fruit…this is a sneak peek into an idea that I have which is still in development stages.  I will keep you posted 🙂   Cheers, Lynnette X

Home grown cumquat…with chocolate cake?

Have you got any great ideas you want to see made into reality?  Share them, you never know, I might be able to create them for you!

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