Thanks for the lemons! Mint and Lemon Jelly Recipe

Just another use for lemons, Mint and Lemon Jelly

Promise my next blog will actually be about chocolate cake but off on a tangent…

This post sort of follows on from the last?!

With a last bag of lemons left from my friend Jasmine, I wanted to give her a unique, “Thank You” gift.  What could I make that would use up heaps of lemons and was very specifically just for her?

Well, after hitting my garden for a little ‘post Christmas’ therapy, I landed myself with a huge pile of trimmings from my almost feral, mint.  It is Summer in Melbourne, and what better way to enjoy the nutso way that her lemon tree and my mint bush were acting, way into the cooler months, than to do an old fashioned preserve?  Barbeque and salad weather is here for a while yet (we all hope) and then there is roast weather to look forward to.  So with no further ado, here is a gorgeous, and so, so simple, mint and lemon jelly recipe.

180ml lemon juice

250-300g granny smith apples (approx 2 small apples)

250g sugar

large handful chopped mint

  • Core and chop unpeeled apple roughly
  • Cook chopped aples in lemon juice until soft
  • Puree or use stick mixer in the pot until you get a smooth apple puree
  • Add sugar and bring back to boil while stirring
  • Boil for 10 minutes
  • Take off flame and stir in chopped mint
  • Pour into sterilized jars, seal and leave to cool
  • To sterilize jars, boil jars and lids for half an hour

Voila!  So easy, and absolutely delicious, I have saved the pot scrapings and eaten it with lamb, pork, fish so far, my hubby is happy to eat it on toast!!  Thanks Jasmine 🙂 X

One jar, just for Jaz
The little bit I saved from the pot! So far have stretched it to go with lamb, pork and fish

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