Match Made in Heaven

It has been about 6 months now, and like all good relationships glimpses of what make me tick are starting to surface!  What better way to celebrate Bliss’ 6 month anniversary than with Valentine’s day…yes, I’m excited just thinking about it…

Perfect 'Bliss' Valentine

I have been through the usual female drama of decision making at its highest level; what sparkling wine should I drink, which chocolate cake will not only make me, but all chocolate lovers weak at the knees?  Well, after about a month of deliberation (yes, it took me nearly a month to decide!), speaking to every wine buff I know, and a few at the liquor stores whom I don’t know.  I finally decided on the Grant Burge sparkling shiraz, to matchmake with my gooey, indulgent Bliss.

I am definitely no wine expert, I only know as much as, what I like.  So, in that spirit, I took one look at the half dozen varieties on the shelf and immediately fell in love with the Grant Burge.  I have always been a big fan of the Maclarenvale reds and the lovely Grant Burge label was no exception.  So, to discover that they had their own version of a uniquely Australian, sparkling shiraz, I was already sold, hook, line and sinker!  Not to mention the visual appeal of the romantic, old fashioned bottle and label.  Too pretty!

My match made in heaven

On getting my test bottle home and chilled, I set up for my mini photo shoot.  I was trying to be SERIOUSLY patient but it took about 5 minutes before the bottle found its way into the kitchen to be popped and poured (technical wine afficionado speak!).  Could I wait for my sneak sip?  NO!!  It was what I was hoping for, just enough sweetness, full and flavoursome, and lots of creamy bubbles.

I am definitely going to enjoy my Bliss and Grant Burge pairing on Valentine’s day and as a  Valentine’s present will be planning a little trip to discover more of the handmade chocolate delights Victoria has to offer. Still deciding which artisan chocolatier to visit right now.  But, more of that another day!

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