The definition of Bliss!

Oooh la la!!  These gorgeous little cakes are sooo good, they have me breaking out in year 9 French, and my French was never that good to start with!

Chocolate Lava cakes with freshly whipped, vanilla bean cream

It all started with a simple question from my great friend Michelle, ” Ron, (her lovely hubby) would like to know if you have ever thought of doing anything with peppermint and chocolate?”.  Well, have I thought about it?  I have thought about it and thought about it, non stop, since I started Bliss.  My absolute, favourite pairing with chocolate is peppermint, as you may well know from my pavlova blog!  Mint slices are still one of my main comfort foods, I have only ever bought the mint, Aero chocolate bar (I have never bought a plain one), I nearly had the old, red tulip chocolate logo (yes, the black cat) tattooed on my body, such was my childhood love of mint and chocolate.  OK, the tattoo was more about the cat than the mint chocolate…. however getting back on track….how was I going to bring this slightly dated ‘classic’ combination onto my Bliss menu without being toooooo ’70’s dinner party about it?I am sooooo  pleased to say that after dinner mints have never been so sexy!  Please allow me to introduce ‘Mint Royale’.  My own lava cake recipe, rich, chocolatey and with a lava centre, highlighted perfectly, for a real grown up treat, with a good schloooosh (technical baking term) of creme de menthe.  After dinner mint, heaven!!!

But of course, it would be wrong not to offer ‘Chocolat Royales’.  How could I hold out on the chocolate cake purists?  This ‘Royale’ needs no explanation, rich, smooth, chocolate flavour without anything standing in its way.  Really, it is just chocolate disguised as cake!

Each ‘Royale’ cakelet is presented in gold foil and topped with freshly whipped cream, dotted with seeds of a vanilla pod and topped with a little, hand tempered, Callebaut chocolate tag.  Keep these ‘melt in the mouth’ cakelets, for yourself or give them as a gift for any occasion!

So, what was Ron’s assessment?

…”Edible O’s!!”…

I took the liberty of translating that ‘O’ to Ooooh la la!!! 🙂

Pretty as a picture

‘Royale’ lava cake is available in ‘chocolat’ or ‘mint’.

12 cakelets in one order.  $45

Serve warmed up for 10 seconds in the microwave…mmmmm!

*If you have been following my blog, and have actually got to the end of this little ramble then you must be a pretty dedicated ‘Bliss’ fan!  Thank you all for your wonderful support over the last 6 months, it has definitely given me the confidence to keep learning, developing and growing as a home baker and as a small business.

To celebrate 500 facebook ‘likes’, I am going to randomly draw 5 people (must be able to deliver to a major city in Australia) to win a fabulous FREE order of ‘Royale’!

Just write your favourite, mint or chocolate, in the comments!

Winners will be announced Sunday 27th March.

I would also LOVE to hear from anyone who would like to tell me about their favourite chocolate cake combinations and experience.  I love a good story 🙂

Cheers Lynnette x