Black Caviar, The Bliss Kitchenaid

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a young-ish maiden, with small toddler in tow, discovered that her trusty hand mixer was dying.  Her very first, hand mixer, that had followed her from her small Uni digs in Clayton, all the way to Singapore, was lovingly replaced by the young-ish maid’s handsome Prince.  The cheap, functional and ultimately packable, replacement spent many good years making quick mix cakes for small children.  Pirates, elephant’s, spiders, mickey mice, hello kitties,  square cakes that look ’round, just to name a few, and of course, lots and lots of cupcakes.

After years in Singapore, Malaysia, China and even back in good old, Australia, the not soooo young, maid decided to

'Bliss', my signature, indulgent chocolate, brandy and almond cake

share her baking skills with a wider audience.  The cheap, reliable and age-d hand mixer, worked to develop amazing dessert cakes, indulgent celebration cakes, and even helped bake the very first wedding cake.  The maiden risked electrocution with every cake she baked, as the poor old hand mixer fizzed and sputtered every time it was plugged in, struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing demands put on it.  The week that 12 cakes were beaten and baked, was the week that the Kitchenaid revolution crept into the maids consciousness.

'Rose Celebrate', 4 layers of fudgy chocolate cake, rose scented frosting, pistachios and turkish delight, topped with crystallized rose petals

But, was the maid ever going to bake 4 cakes in 1 order again? Would she ever see more than a few  orders a week?  Or, was it a fluke?  Would the business go down hill from that great peak to never see another order?  So, many justifications to part with possibly $700 dollars or more for a mixer that would TAKE UP BENCH SPACE!!

Discussion between brands was definitely brought up by the money conscious Prince.  Breville’s planetery motion mixer, the Aussie Kitchenaid wannabe was definitely brought up as an option. Being about $200 cheaper, (that is a lot of eggs) it was a definite winner in terms of price.  However, given my mixing needs and the fact that I hope to be baking almost everyday for quite  a few years to come,  the question of reliability

'Toffee apple', toffee apple, coconut and white chocolate upside down cake with roasted hazelnuts

and long-lasting performance became a major issue.  I have no doubt that Breville will do their utmost to give great service, but I did not want to risk the possibility of having to buy a whole new unit, due to my overuse, within the next few years.

Kenwood has been a reliable workhorse brand for heavy-duty stand mixers for years, and was really the only other brand I was considering.  Unfortunately, the feedback on how noisy it is, was a major contributing factor to my deciding against it.  Someone at Kenwood also needs to realize, that for many women stylish design and colour will play into the decision somewhere along the line!  It may not be the first factor to look  for in  a workhorse machine but in a home kitchen, it will ultimately play in to the decision!  Sorry Kenwood, if I never sell another cake in my life, the mixer I choose will still stand in my kitchen for a long time to come and you look majorly daggy!

'Royale', individual, liquid centred chocolate lava cakes

So, now onto the very cool and very wantable Kitchenaids.

Well, after much research on internet forums, price comparisons, mental justification, and the threat of a price hike (even though the Australian dollar is on parity with the US dollar!).  I finally made the decision to put in an order for the strikingly beautiful Caviar Black KSM 150 Kitchenaid…to match my black granite countertop, of course! And just imagine how good my red spatulas would look against it 🙂

The power of the Artisan was decided to provide enough oomph for beating at least 2 recipes worth of cake batter at a time. The 4.8 litre capacity bowl was certainly enough for the volume needs of beating more than 1 cake at a time.  Unless I was about to set up a cake shop where I might need a 7-10 litre bowl, there was certainly NO ROOM ON MY BENCH for a commercial mixing unit.

The only advantage I could see for the K5 over the Artisan was the larger motor.  Not being a family who required

'Black Caviar' , I didn't see it until it was uploaded, but there is a little bit of me in this photo! Forever together with my trusty steed 🙂

the mixing needs equivalent to kneading, 3 full loaves of bread, the larger size and limited colours then came into the decision-making (no surprises)!!  Feedback regarding the commercial type, hang bowl, and the difficulty of getting the bowl in and out with sloppy ingredients, not being able to tip back the unit to easily scrape the bowl or add ingredients, in between mixing also weighed into the argument.  Without the chance of actually using the K5, my belief is that it would be more suited for lovers of bread, pasta and pizza making, in larger quantities.

So, the proof has been in the pudding (or chocolate cake as it may be!).  My Kitchenaid is now 4 months old and has made itself very much, at home on my kitchen bench top.  I have learnt to live with an extra appliance and most importantly having used a hand mixer since primary school, I have actually become very much attached to the convenience of a stand mixer.  The freedom of being able to multi task while I mix has been an incredible advantage.  I can’t even imagine how I would have managed over 100 boxes of cake during the short 2 weeks before Christmas!  Besides the everyday baking for fulfilling orders; fantastic macarons, lava cakes, seasonal produce cakes and Rose scented birthday cakes have also been developed in this short 4 months, all with the help of my fantastic Kitchenaid.   And, of course, just admiring how handsome my trusty steed looks and lapping up all the adoring compliments from visiting maidens, is justification in itself!!

So, now the Maiden with trusty Kitchenaid in tow looks ahead to the future of cake development and sees lots of exciting possibilities for the rest of the year… so many in fact that she is going to have to slow down the unveiling of new and delicious treats, to give everyone a chance to taste them!

*No Mum, this was not an advertisement, just a blog on my experience.  I got a great deal at E&S online for my Kitchenaid, including an Australian warranty, for those who are considering buying from the US, so hope that helps!!

4 thoughts on “Black Caviar, The Bliss Kitchenaid

    1. aaahh, not as easy as it sounds Cheryl!!! Different Voltage in the US so your units don’t work here! Only especially fitted out units can be shipped out from the US and by the time you include shipping and lack of warranty it isn’t necessarily that great an option. Believe me Kitchenaid research is a major project for Australian buyers hahaha!!!

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