Fairy Tale Cakes

"The love pinch' Wedding Topper. I took this photo from http://all-about-me.com.au/

Love a good wedding.  Romance, good food and an excuse for new shoes! What’s not to love?

I was hoping to do all of the above in London this year as it happens my cousin is getting married to his lovely fiance in July.  However, who was to know that Wills would steal their thunder and announce that he should wed before them?  As much as I am looking forward to seeing the photos of my cousin’s wedding, I have plans to be in front of the telly with a glass of Champers (yes, that word deserves a capital ‘C’) to watch every sparkly detail of  the Royal wedding.  I can’t wait to see the frock and most importantly I am very, very curious as to what kind of cake they have chosen.

Do you think it might be a traditional cake?  Sherry soaked fruit cake with lots of old fashioned piped royal icing decorations?  I really hope so!  No matter where I look nowadays I just can’t find piped royal icing of the kind that I used to marvel at on old school wedding cakes.  I would spend ages just staring in bakery windows and even at the handiwork of the incredibly skilled amateurs who put their cakes in the glass cabinets at the Royal Melbourne Show.  Now that was work that truly earned the name of ‘lace’, every strand as fine as silk and neat as a pin.  Nowadays lace is often made by imprinting a silicone mould and using fondant, definitely a skill, and one I am yet to even attempt, but just not the same.

I wanted to post a photo example of this kind of work but Google couldn’t find one!  Does anyone out there still do the old school piped lace work that I remember?  Please send me a post or link if you do, because I would ‘like’ it very, very much!!

So, if it was up to me, what would I choose to bake for Kate and William?  Something sophisticated, in the English traditional style but of course, it would need to be ‘Bliss-ed’.  It may surprise some, but I would definitely go liquor soaked fruit cake, but not just any old recipe would do!  A modern mix of persimmon, figs, currants, papaya and toasted slivered almonds,  in a spiced cake base with a touch of Valrhona cocoa with maybe, a hint of preserved lemon, then I would have the whole cake soaked in the incredibly aromatic, Louis XIII XO cognac.    After several days to allow the flavours to mature, I would scour the land to find a skilled hand to cover in fondant and pipe beautiful royal icing lace on every alternating layer, to contrast with the modern hand painted, tempered white chocolate collars on every other layer. Aaaaah fit for a Princess!

Baking for William and Kate may be just a fantastical fairy tale but the least I can do is ensure that my cousin gets a taste of my imagination on the day of his, happily ever after!

Happy dreams XXX

What is your fantastical, fairy tale cake?

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