Staying true

“I know what I want and I know how I like it”
Sounds like it comes from a song… maybe it is? Unfortunately other people know exactly what they want and how they like it too!! What happens when the two views don’t seem the same?
Oooooo how I love a challenge 🙂
Lovely Natasha emailed me to make a wonderful Bliss cake for her Mum’s 70th, however in the follow up email she slipped in the fact that her Mum doesn’t like chocolate cake or lots of cream! The brief

Bliss Chocolate Cake for a Mum who doesn't like chocolate cake!

went a little like this;
“She often orders lemon tart, orange cake, cheesecake or cakes w/ a fruit element like carrot, banana, apple, apricot etc. She also LOVES nuts.”
Well, where do I start?

From the beginning, I guess.
I can’t go past a layer cake for a birthday so I was definitely going to suggest the ‘Celebrate’. 4 layers of white chocolate cake but for a Mum from the tropics I tweaked it with a slight coconut-ty flavour.

Fresh lime, Italian meringue buttercream. Toasty coconut, and 70% couverture flakes

Home made indulgence? How about a little of my home made cumquat jelly. Gorgeous Cointreau flavoured jelly to add an unusual, hint of tart fruit flavour to the mix. Sprinkle the layer with toasted coconut flakes and a sprinkle of grated 70% couverture to finish it off.
Well, 3 layers of jelly just seemed a little too sickly and well, repetetive. So, to break it up a bit, the middle layer consists of a very thin layer of dark chocolate ganache and a generous layer of toasted almonds.  The flavours seemed perfect as a contrast and it also added the extra nuttiness that Mum loves!
Very, lightly frosted with Italian meringue buttercream flavoured with fresh lime. Dressed with more toasted almonds, and toasted flaked coconut and 70% courverture.
Happy Birthday Natasha’s Mum! Hope you enjoy eating it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Chocolate plaque to celebrate 70 years!

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