mmmmmmm, Mazet :)

What do you get up to when you are not working?

I spend way too much time on facebook, watch endless movies with my family and spend entire evenings googling ‘chocolate’.  As I have admitted previously I am no expert on wine and… reality check,  I am also no expert on chocolate!  I know what I like, and that is about it.  I am an accomplished window shopper, so much to see and know, yet so little that I have ever actually bought and eaten!

A bar that reflects history, just by looking at it!

I think that it is time that all that changed, so after a lovely birthday lunch with my friend, I crossed my local high street and headed straight into a new gourmet chocolate shop called Cocomaya.  I slowly made my way around the displays and, with my highly honed window shopping skills,  took in the beautiful sight of hand made chocolates and, colourful designer boxes and wrappers.  However, I couldn’t stop myself from going back to this little bar of chocolate that was completely unfamiliar to me.  Maybe it was the word praslines that attracted me, but the minute the owner mentioned that Mazet was one of the best chocolates in the store, along with Valrohna, I handed over the money!

It only took a small amount of searching to find that Mazet Confiseur is one of the oldest chocolate houses in Paris, and in 1636 Praslines, or those red, knobbly looking, candy coated toasted almonds were invented…yes, invented(!) by an illustrious ancestor of the dynasty.  Well, I have a thing for praline and to discover that it directly heralded from this illustrious chocolate house, I was floored!  I have window shopped their website and already mapped out all the items that I can’t wait to taste, Amandas, Passions, Givrettes, Flavoured Fondues, Dark Grapefruit….oh my goodness, anyone heading to Paris, please take my shopping list with you!

If you wish to do a little bit of window shopping of your own, here is the link:

Dark praslines, the beginning of a long affair, I think 🙂

So, what did I think of my first Mazet experience?  Luxurious, old world printing and packaging, the chocolate wrapped tightly in gold foil, I must say it exudes an expectation of quality.  Great. shiny bar with a good snap when broken, you can see how clean it breaks from my photo!  The flavour of the chocolate is deep and rich, no strong overtones though, which is a shame, but I have to admit I have been irreperably, spoilt by Michel Cluizel’s plantation range.  The praline is a lovely addition in texture, however not as sweet as I would have liked. Well, having been told by a French Chocolatier, that Australian’s have a much sweeter palette than the French do, that is probably not surprising.

I guess it goes to show, no matter how much I might appreciate a fine French affair, and wax lyrical about my love for dark chocolate, the Aussie chick in me will always, still crave Caramello Koalas 🙂

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