Strawberries and Cream

Melbourne really turned it on last week, teasing us with the possibilities of clear blue skies and bright sunshine.  Spring has sprung (!), or at least that’s what we thought when I bought the first box of antihistamine, for my hay-fever prone family. Daffodils are nodding, my magnolia has put on it’s fragile, short lived, display, and the sprawling jasmine is beginning to bloom.

Strawberries and cream, my way!

For me, the strong, heady perfume of jasmine has always been able to bring me straight back to long, balmy evenings spent in the garden. It is one of the Heralds and  also one of the long standing Lords of Spring and early Summer in Melbourne. I will even trail long strands of freshly picked flowers in the house and in my car, knowing that there is a very strong possibility that my poor boys may suffer the consequences, just to prolong my nostalgic enjoyment for a few extra minutes!

And, what of that other precursor of warm weather?  The most classic of Spring/Summer fruits?

Aaaah strawberries!  Strawberries are already starting to make their appearance inmarkets .  Although, these strawberries have probably come down from warmer Queensland, it is only a few short weeks away until Melbourne has it’s own harvest. Even though I will be able to buy farm fresh, strawberries from the market, I am most looking forward to October when I can  head up to Ladybird Farm to get my hands dirty and pick my own organic strawberries for my new seasonal cake!

So, what have I come up with this time ? When I think of strawberries, cream just has to tag along!  So, I am hoping that it is how everyone else thinks too.

Bliss’ take on light, bright and happy.  Spring inspired, Strawberries and Cream 🙂

Generous chunks of fruit! Now that’s what I’m talking about 🙂

An entire punnet of strawberries, adding an aromatic sweetness to a moist, white chocolate cake.  Bite into a slice to find generous amounts of chunky fruit, folded in for an indulgent fruity hit.  Topped with a smooth as silk, jasmine and green tea infused, whipped, white chocolate ganache, dusted with green tea macha and topped with a single fresh strawberry and white chocolate shavings.

Perfect for sharing in the sunshine,  and with Spring racing season coming, don’t forget the Champagne!

Available 1st September-30th November 2011.   My seasonal cakes may not be the same every year so I hope you take the time to enjoy them while you can!