It’s New Year’s Eve and Summer is truly here

Summer is truly here!

Life is for living!!  A motto that is taken, at it’s most extreme, and greatly to heart in my household.

oh yeah, festive lava cakes for Christmas mmm

So, as you can imagine, the holiday season is pretty mad, at our house even when we pretend to celebrate quietly!  With a closely knit, extended family, we are never far wrong when we allow for about 30 for dinner.  The huge turkey, glazed ham, Uncle M’s plum pudding and all the ‘traditional’ Christmas trimmings, including Coffin bay oysters, Sashimi salmon, and my Mum’s  prawn and mango salad are looked forward to as Aussie Christmas delights by local and overseas visitors alike, every year.

But, I have to say, after the craziness of Christmas has passed, and all the kids, (big and small), have had the chance to go slightly nutty around the tree, I really, really, really look forward to bringing in the New Year.

I pretty much do nothing 🙂  Not that it is just me that does nothing….the entire family pretty much does,

Black Rock, this photo is a little misleading as there were heaps of people there that day!

NOTHING! YAY!!!!!  I began finishing the old  year by enjoying a real Aussie experience bbq yesterday.   Admittedly, the beach at Black Rock is a lot more popular than it ever used to be, causing it to be more crowded and a lot dirtier than I remember, however, the crystal clear water and fantastic family friendly facilities made it a real day to to remember in 2011.

A bit more sunshine, and a bit more swimming to round off another busy year and then….peace.  A big smooch to one and all to bring in the new year and a ‘quiet’ beginning to 2012.

My resolution is pretty much the same as last year;

“I resolve to not allow life to  live me but for me to live my life.”

The great Aussie bbq experience! Delicious 🙂

I think I did an ok job last year, ha ha ha!  But, like anything in this world, we could always improve with a bit more effort. What’s your new year’s resolution?  Mine is pretty boring, pretty standard.  I think that if I was to add a few extra notes they might look a little like this;

“I resolve to eat more ice cream.”  Seriously, I used to consider ice cream my favourite food, I must have eaten it 6 times last year…doesn’t sound much like a favourite, I definitely ate more broccoli!!

“I resolve to buy a bbq.”  Ridiculous??  We have lived in this house for nearly 5 years, we still don’t own one.

“I resolve to do more colouring in.” I discovered my teenage daughter doing a colouring book the other day….she looked so peaceful.  Hey, I want some of that!!

Love deeply. sing loudly and live like you mean it!!!  All the best for 2012 and may you enjoy the beautiful Summer weather that Melbourne has put on.  See you next year 😉 x

Bliss x

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