Easter Bliss. Chocolate Easter Profiteroles with Golden Syrup Cream Recipe

Easter Bliss!
Easter Bliss!

Third year in, and only my first effort at a special post for Easter! “Poor form”, I hear you say, “Have you seen how much chocolate is around at Easter?” Easter is definitely the chocolate season of the year. I should know, as a student, I worked Summers at the Red Tulip factory, packing (and eating) all summer, just for Easter. But, you have to understand, in a holiday that is so dedicated to chocolate (apologies to any church goers for that blasphemous statement), it is easy to hide!

My first ever recipe for Easter had to be caramel centred, it was the only easter egg I loved and it is still the only easter egg I crave. Oh Cadbury, between caramello koala’s,

Oh Cadbury, I confess, I am a die hard caramello fan
Oh Cadbury, I confess, I am a die hard caramello fan

caramello easter eggs, and caramello family blocks honestly, why does anyone ever need to reinvent the wheel?

Well, some of us seem to be born to discover the simply perfect, only to find that it triggers some ridiculous chemical in our brains that makes us wonder, “What can I do to make this simple and perfect food, reflect my personality, by making it more complicated?”

I hope you enjoy this complicated version of my very favourite, simple easter egg 🙂

Chocolate profiteroles with golden syrup cream.

1/2 cup water

37g butter

pinch salt

1/2 cup plain flour

2 eggs

300ml thickened cream

golden syrup to drizzle

dark chocolate

sugar pearls

white chocolate

orange coloured heart sprinkles

Preheat oven to 225 Celsius

Place water, butter and salt into a pan. Bring to the boil.

Add sifted flour all at once. Stir vigorously with a wooden spoon over medium heat until forms a smooth ball and leaves side of pan. Keep stirring over the heat for another minute or 2.

Remove from heat and cool slightly.

Add beaten eggs a little at a time, beating thoroughhly after each addition.

Beat paste well after all egg is added until it is free of lumps. Mix should be smooth and glossy.

Drop rounded balls, approx size of small walnuts, on a lightly greased oven tray.

Bake in 225 celsius oven for 10 minutes, reduce heat to 170 Celsius and bake a further 10-15 minutes.

When cooked, remove from the oven and make small slits in the side to allow steam to escape.

Return to oven for another 10 minutes to allow puffs to dry out.


Dip half of the profiteroles in melted dark chocolate and sprinkle with the sugar pearls.IMG_5795

Dip the remaining profiteroles in melted white chocolate. Decorate with a little orange heart for a beak and two dots of melted dark chocolate for eyes, to make a simple little chick 🙂 Allow the chocolate to set.

For a gooey, indulgent centre, whip up the thickened cream until stiff peaks form. Drizzle the bowl of whipped cream liberally with golden syrup but don’t combine.

Spoon the cream and golden syrup into a piping back with a small plain nozzle. Stick the nozzle into a slit on the sides of the profiteroles and squeeze the cream mixture to fill the centre of the profiteroles. Or, cut the profiteroles in half horizontally and pipe, or spoon the cream to fill the base and pop the top back on.

Have a Safe and Happy Easter!

Delicious!!  Hope you all enjoy a safe and happy easter with your nearest and dearest xx
Delicious!! Hope you all enjoy a safe and happy easter with your nearest and dearest xx

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    1. Hi, thank you for your lovely comments! Sorry, it took so long to get back to you 🙂
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